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Simulated trajectory of an oxygen molecule from the source in an air bubble to the final consumption site within a cell’s mitochondria

Tec White.png

Developed by Castillo-Reyna, J., Aranda-Barradas, J.S., García-Díaz, C. and SEREX

Allow a few seconds for the practice to load.


You can interact directly with this experience in your laptop/smartphone/tablet, or your can Augment it using either the AR symbol, or for more inmersive experience, using the QR (available only for Apple IOS devices). 

  1. Click the oxygen molecule inside the gas bubble. 

  2. When the oxygen molecule arrives to the cell aggregate, click on it.

  3. Click on the oxygen molecule to make it go inside the cell, trough the membrane

Trayectoria O QR Code.png
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