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Disrupting Food Development: Unleashing Learning Potential with Cutting-edge VR Solutions

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Developed by Ramírez-Jiménez, A.K., Maldonado-Guevara, B.I. and SEREX

Consent form:


You have been invited to participate in a consumer study research test whose purpose is to test the beta version of software.  If you decide to participate in this research, you will select from different packaging options (type, color, cost, etc.) for a specific food. The purpose of the research is to determine the functionality of the software in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses. The possible risks of participating in research are no greater than those that occur in using any academic software. 


The study will be carried out under the supervision of Dr. Aurea Karina Ramírez and Dr. Blanca Maldonado. Your participation in the research may benefit other studies in the future by helping us learn more about software performance and consumer studies associated with food product packaging. 


You are free to withdraw your consent and stop your participation at any time. 


Researchers may use the information collected from this study in presentations, however, none of this information identifies you in any way. The data collected is kept confidentially by the researcher.  

If you have any questions about this research project, you can contact 

I hereby acknowledge that I have read the information in this consent form, have reviewed the questions, and voluntarily agree to participate in this study. You may receive a copy of this form if you wish. 

Consent Agreement

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