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Bioreaction Engineering: Parts of a stirred tank bioreactor 

Tec White.png

Developed by Castillo-Reyna, J., Aranda-Barradas, J.S., García-Díaz, C. and SEREX

Allow a few seconds for the practice to load.


This augmented reality (AR) experience is done in JigSpace and it has 3 scenes. You can click directly on the image or use the QR next to it. 


You can  change the scenes using the arrows in the right side. 

You can augment the bioreactor in any surface... Or you can see it in your device. 

You can touch some components of the bioreactor to identify them. 

Scene 3 is for you. Please identify those components with an arrow. You can do this with screenshots, or directly using your copy of JigSpace available in this link.  

Stirred tank bioreactor -QRCode.png
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